Highlights from EAN 2021 — Day 4

Today, 22 June, Day 4 of the 7th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology – Vienna 2021, was the final day of inspirational and thought-provoking live scientific, educational, industry, and social events. It was announced that the 8th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology will be held in Vienna in 2022, and the overarching theme will be “Getting evidence into Practice.” Meanwhile, here are today’s highlights.

Migraine—an exciting time to be a headache specialist 

The final satellite symposium of the conference explored the complex psychosocial and socioeconomic risk factors associated with the development of medication overuse headache and the key considerations for optimal MOH management and treatment. 

This was followed by the “Highlights of the Congress.” Professor Peter Goadsby, London, UK selected and presented the headache highlights and commented that now is an exciting time to be a headache specialist because there are so many new effective and safe therapies. This was reflected in his selection of abstracts, most of which provided further confirmation of the efficacy and safety of a variety of new acute and preventive therapies. 

His selection also included functional magnetic resonance studies increasing the knowledge base about migraine pathophysiology; and new knowledge on vestibular migraine and trigeminal neuralgia.  


Alzheimer’s disease—new knowledge on early biomarkers 

The highlights of the congress for neurodegenerative diseases were selected and presented by Professor Elisabeth Stögmann, Vienna, Austria.  

She commented that as any therapeutic or disease-modifying interventions would need to be applied very early in Alzheimer’s disease before the onset of symptoms, she had selected abstracts that might help in defining this preclinical phase of AD. 

The selected abstracts therefore provided new knowledge on early biomarkers. They included an abstract describing subtle changes in cognition (changes in spatial orientation and navigation) and others reporting promising results for a variety of different cerebrospinal fluid and plasma biomarkers. 

Our correspondent’s highlights from the symposium are meant as a fair representation of the scientific content presented. The views and opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect those of Lundbeck.